The International Student Seminar

Discover Tomorrow's Biology

The International Student Seminar (ISS) is an annual scientific meeting organized by students in Kyoto University. Its aims are to provide opportunities for young scientists to discuss their research from various fields and also to facilitate interactions between young researchers from countries throughout the world.

The year 2020 marks the 18th annual ISS, and the organizing committee has chosen a theme emphasizing perspectives of biology in the next decade. After 2000, deep sequencing and big data science have accelerated and stimulated research. Currently, biology is rapidly evolving through contributions from other fields and technologies, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and informatics. These will alter the state of biological research in the next few years, and we young students and postdoctoral fellows will advance to the forefront of these new fields.

For the 18th ISS, we have invited several young speakers from leading laboratories overseas, and they will participate in the formal symposium (4 - 5 March) and also in an informal overnight retreat (8 - 9 March). We hope that ISS18 may catalyze the discovery of tomorrow's biology. We are looking forward to meeting with you in the seminar!

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-Chairman of the 18ht ISS, Asakura Yoshifumi